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Rope/Ranch/Trail Horse, Goes English as well!!!

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Versatility Ranch Horse


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Get you one who can do both. Stands 14.3 weighing 1250# and has proven she is the perfect all around mare. Great for lead line lessons, ranching or consistently has been going over 3’6” fences, but is athletic enough to be more competitive over higher fences. I know her video is long, but we wanted to show exactly what she is. We also encourage anyone to come out and try her.
Even with a bigger motor, when regularly used, Latifa makes for the perfect mount for just about any level of rider. We have put our 4yo on her and even a 73 year old lady. She has shown a lot of scope and knee action on the fences and is extensively proven outside as a using mare. Has seen more miles than most, been hauled, and is extremely kind. When we hauled her in for an eventer to get videos of her, she said she was so fun she felt guilty for us paying her. This mare is very confident, but doesn’t get pushy and will wait on her rider to ask her over fences. She has been started on her lead changes and has always been naturally leaded an always knows where her feet are. Being 5 years old, Latifa has seen a lot of miles. Crossed a lot of ditches, fences, hauled to the sale barn, gathered many pastures and been used to start many colts. She is tarp broke, great to carry a flag, rides by herself or easily in a group. She is strong to the horn and doesn’t get worried when other horses act silly. Her favorite pass time is to be loved and doted on. Brushing and grooming is no hassle for her an anyone of any age can brush and groom her. For the smaller kids, she’ll put her head down to have her forelock brushed. Our 4yo goes out and catches her by himself and can walk her through all the gates and she will stay with him. Easy to trim or shod, but does currently have a full set of shoes on due to the rougher country we get into sometimes. Can easily go barefoot. Loads, unloads, leads and ties as if she’s been there a million times. Can tie her next to anyone and have no issues. She would make an excellent fox hunting horse and has been around large groups of dogs being turned out. This mare could excel in a lot of areas and adapts to new things quickly. She would be a huge bonus to many peoples programs. We know we will miss her in ours.
Call Ciera McEntire 580-491-2750 Located in Perry, OK.
Place your bids at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
$3500 Starting bid
Auction ends October 15th

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