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Mooney 5 Yr old 16.1hh Bay Tobiano Spotted Draft Cross Gelding

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CONSIGNOR CONTACT: Jamie Thomason 270-772-1706
BREED: Spotted Draft Cross
COLOR: Bay Tobiano
HEIGHT: 16.1
AGE: 5
GENDER: Gelding

We are proud to offer the most versatile gelding that has ever walked through our barn—a true all-around horse! Mooney’s athleticism, intelligence, and personable demeanor make him suitable for a variety of disciplines, wrapped in the perfect paint package!

Mooney is a 5-year-old Spotted Draft Cross gelding, standing 16.1 hands, thick-bodied, and heavy-boned….guaranteed to last!

Mooney is a reliable trail mount. He has served in a Brown County, Indiana, tourist trail riding outfit. He will confidently go where he is pointed. He crosses downfall, loves water, navigates rough terrain with ease, and takes care of his rider. He is surefooted, will lead the pack or follow, and has the stamina to last all day. Mooney has zero spook, isn’t herd-bound, and is an enjoyable ride.

Mooney has extensive training. He lopes in both directions on the correct lead, neck reins, or direct reins, depending on the rider’s preference.

Mooney also rides English. A beautiful mover! Floating trot & canter! Started over jumps.

Mooney has been exposed to ranch work. Has been used to sort cattle and pasture rope, & will drag absolutely anything
Mooney would make a great pickup horse for any rodeo outfit!

Mooney is gun-safe! Suitable for mounted patrol, mounted shooting, and hunting from horseback. It wouldn’t be a bit of trouble dragging any game out of the woods.

Mooney is exposed daily and is comfortable around children, strollers, four-wheelers, tractors, and other livestock. He stands for the farrier; no stocks are required. He is traffic-safe. He is regularly ridden to town, even down the median of a four-lane highway. He loads and unloads in a regular-size slant trailer with zero issues. He enjoys bathing and stands tied and crossed-tied. He is super easy to catch. We have taught our son to cluck, and Mooney always comes to greet him.

Mooney is an exceptional horse. The perfect age, the perfect foundation, & the perfect exposure to make a great one!

Feel free to ask any further questions! If you want to meet Mooney in person before adding him to your family, we would be glad to have you!



Needmore, PA 17238
Homepage: horsebidllc

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