Stadnina Koni Nad Wigrami

Ansprechpartner: Marek Orłoś
Mikołajewo 25a
16-503 Krasnopol
+48 (0)509399803

+48 (0)500373840
For over 20 years we have been breeding sport horses with the Olympic discipline – show jumping in mind. In our work, we rely solely on the best breeding lines cooperating closely with leading European breeders, which allowed us to become one of the crucial sport horse breeders in Poland. Constantly developing our methodology and approach we aim for the best. Each year approx. 40 foals are born in our Stud Farm, all descendants of European, World or Olympic Champions.

Under our care, we have dozens of youngsters as well as older horses. In our offer, you can find horses of all age groups.

We encourage you to take interest in our horses and you are warmly welcome to visit our Sports Club NAD WIGRAMI.
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