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Training facility for young sports horses, 3000m2
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Training facility for young sports horses, 3000m2

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Attractive facility functioning as a sport horse farm. Complete and ready infrastructure for horse breeding and training. The property is located in the commune of Łobez, surrounded by a lot of green areas, ideal for horse riding with family and friends.

A functioning facility
Completely equipped
Professional infrastructure
Location surrounded by nature
Single-family house
Living quarters
Good price
Large area
A facility for training young Horses, a functioning, complete and professional facility in an ideal location.

What distinguishes the property is a complete and fully professional facilities for breeding horses and their training, as well as all kinds of related activities.

Since 1994, the facility has been operating as a stallion stable and can boast of international successes, and the owners, from 1996 to the present day, run professional sport horse breeding as the main activity of the facility.


- 43 boxes,

- A hall with dimensions of 65x25 meters with a quartz substrate and specialized irrigation,

- Outdoor square with dimensions of 40x70 meters with a sand base with irrigation,

- Six separate stables, including a stable for stallions,

- Phantom for semen collection and laboratory,

- Covered carousel with a rubber floor,

- Treadmill for horses,

- Indoor lunger,

- Summer external washer,

- Internal two-stand washer with heating and solarium,

- tack room,

- 6 paddocks for sports horses,

- Garage for the LKW horse wagon,

- A modern residential building (single-family house) with an area of 170 m2, built in 2017, finished to a high standard,

- Residential guest apartment with an area of about 70 m2 with a living room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom and toilet and a separate entrance,

- Guest apartment with an area of about 60 m2, living room, bathroom, kitchen, hall, also with an individual entrance,

- Two ponds with fish for recreational fishing with an area of ​​approximately 7,000 m2,

- A place for residential or recreational development, located right next to the ponds with a view of the sunset,


The property has two own water intakes from a deep well, which translates into savings in the maintenance of the facility.

The area of the plot allows for its creative expansion and adaptation to the purposes of organizing e.g. horse competitions, running equestrian camps or other special events.

Due to the attractive location and complete infrastructure, the property provides ideal conditions for the functioning of horses, as well as their guardians in accordance with their natural needs.

The local forests, meadows and water reservoirs, as well as the natural aura surrounding the stable described here, cause that there is a truly healthy and family atmosphere conducive to success.

The property occupies an area of approximately 5.3 hectares and its shape is most similar to the shape of a square.

An additional advantage is the partially and slightly inclined area towards the west, from where there is a view of the setting sun, reflected in the mirror of the ponds.

For the purpose of expanding the breeding area, it is possible to check the potential of buying or subleasing the surrounding areas.


The sports facility is located 10 minutes from the national road no. 20, connecting the city of Łobez with the S10 expressway. From here, it is only 40 minutes by car to the Polish-German border in Kołbaskowo.

Easy and fast and the proximity of the Polish-German border is a very important and valuable aspect of the described property.

The village is surrounded by charming meadows and forests, which makes rides for horse enthusiasts a real adventure and an unforgettable, wonderful time.

I cordially invite you for a joint walk around the property.

Come in person, get acquainted with the details and submit a price offer, which we will immediately consider with the owners.


The sole representative of the Seller.

More information: Aleks Paleczny, tel. 885 054 050

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72-600 Świnoujście

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