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Percheron Mix Wallach 5 Jahre 160 cm Schimmel
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Lot: 18 LINCOLN 2017 Percheron Cross Gelding

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Das Percheron ist eine Kaltblutpferderasse, die seinen Ursprung in der Region Perche in Frankreich hat. Es wurde zunächst als Kriegspferd gezüchtet, doch es stellte sich schnell heraus, dass es auch auf dem Land gut zu gebrauchen war. Daraufhin wurden in den folgenden Jahren Stuten und Zuchthengste ... Mehr zur Pferderasse Percheron
Kaltblut, Mix
5 Jahre
160 cm
ist Allrounder


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AVAILABLE ON Cody Horse Sale
May 6 & 7, 2022, Cody, Wyoming
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Lot: 18
DOB: 2017
COLOR: Grey	SEX: Grade Gelding
Location: Powell, WY
Consigned By: RCR Horses

Lincoln is a one-in-a-million young gelding. Just like his name sake, this beautiful dapple grey is honest as the day is long. He is a Percheron X standing 15.3hh and weighing a solid 1350 lb. He is the perfect height to weight ratio to make him versatile to a variety of riding styles. He is trained to side-pass to a mounting block, rock, truck bed, ditch bank or whatever is handy to make it easier to get on, but for the convenience of everyone, he is voice trained to lay-down on command. He is an instant favorite for everyone that climbs aboard no matter if it is to sort calves, gather off the mountain or just meander down the trail. Lincoln takes everything in stride. He will ride out by himself gathering stray cattle in rough terrain in grizzly bear country or he will keep up with the herd. He doesn't get bothered or in a hurry if his rider doesn't want to ride as fast as everyone. Lincoln has the smoothest lope, it is effortless and a joy to ride! He has been shown in Intro level Dressage and Western Dressage at the local and online shows, scoring in the mid to high 60's with minimal schooling. Everywhere he goes, everyone that sees and meets him comments on how handsome he is and how well he handles new environments. He has also been shown, online, in the Western pleasure, English pleasure, Equitation, Horsemanship, Trail and Ground Driving. He has been reserve champion twice and champion in Ground Driving for the October 2021 show. Lincoln is broke to drive and does really well driving single! He has been started over fences and is very brave and takes care of his rider. We have taken Lincoln all over the mountains and helped the neighbors gather their cows in Paradise Valley. He excels in rough terrain and really knows how to place his feet but will go where pointed even when the cows take the path less traveled. We have started and used Lincoln in all aspects of ranch work, we have gathered cattle, sorted in the alleyway, roped and doctored and prepared him for branding season. Lincoln has a one-handed neck rein and really enjoys playing soccer with the giant ball. This young gelding is a pleasure to be around and work, he has his whole life ahead of him and has all the good qualities that make it easy to like him. Lincoln will catch you, even in a large pasture, is good for the farrier and for all vet work, and he is easy to saddle and bathe. We have done radiographs in preparation for the sale so that anyone interested in Lincoln can be confident in his soundness. If you or your veterinarian are interested in viewing them or if you would like more information, please call 307-578-7386 and check back for more videos!


Powell, WY 82435


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