Tinker Wallach 4 Jahre 142 cm Rotbrauner in Berea, ky
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Gorgeous SAFE gypsy

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Tinker stammen aus Irland, wo sie aus Rassepferden hervorgegangen sind und als Reit- oder Zugpferde gebraucht wurden. Aufgrund ihrer Scheckung galten sie aber erst als relativ wertlos und wurden nicht zur Zucht zugelassen. Ab Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts wurde gezielt selektiert nach Farbe; eingekreuz ... Mehr zur Pferderasse Tinker
4 Jahre
142 cm


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“Regal” lives up to his name, this is one fancy young gelding that checks ALL the boxes!
This coming 4-year-old, 14 hands gelding is not just a horse; he's a unicorn & ready to move into your barn. Regal is a stunning registered silver bay Gypsy with chrome accents, he turns heads wherever he goes. He has that coveted Gypsy flair we all love with his big feathered feet & long flowing mane.

Fearless and seasoned, Regal has faced it all in his short years – from flags to flapping tarps, cars, tractors, creeks, logs, and bicycles. Ready to conquer any obstacle, Regal navigates our spooky course with ease on a loose rein. Whether on trails, in the arena, or riding solo, he's a level-headed, well-mannered gelding. The saying “Born Broke” comes to mind!

Regal is a dream to ride, boasting a fancy handle: neck reins, collects up, responsive to leg pressure, and smooth transitions between gaits. He knows his leads, side passes, stops on a dime, and soft in the face. He has mastered jumps, given lessons and even been on moonlit  trail rides.

Versatile in riding styles, Regal effortlessly transitions between english, western and bareback. He is also broke to drive! Traffic safe, easy to hook and a blast to cruise through town.

He's the all-in-one package you’ve been looking for. His charming personality makes him a barn favorite, he comes running when you whistle and LOVES a good shoulder scratch. Affectionate and easy-going, Regal enjoys grooming sessions and spending quality time with people. He's a gentleman when saddling, bridling, and mounting – patient and never in a rush. He is happy to pick you up at a mounting block or fence!

Regal is not just a faithful riding companion; he's a joy to be around. Respectfully in your pocket, easy to catch, clip, tie, and load, he's the epitome of a well-mannered horse. Up-to-date on routine maintenances, sound, sane, and ready to bring his magic to your barn – Regal is the perfect addition to your equine family!


Silver Arrow Ranch
Berea 40403

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