American Quarter Horse Wallach 11 Jahre 137 cm Rotbrauner in Everett, PA
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Das American Quarter Horse, auch Quarter Horse genannt, stammt ursprünglich aus den USA und ist die meist verbreitete Pferderasse der Welt. Es gibt weltweit ungefähr 4,6 Millionen registrierte Quarter Horses. Die Rasse entstand im 17. Jahrhundert, als reiche Plantagenbesitzer aus Virginia und Caroli ... Mehr zur Pferderasse American Quarter Horse
11 Jahre
137 cm


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Tootsie roll is the sweetest most SAINTLY 10 year old grade POA pony mare you’ll ever meet. She stands 13.2 hands tall and has the cutest head and build! Tootsie is a packer pro any level of kid or adult can enjoy and learn from this pony. QUIET & SAFE all day long no matter where you take her!!! Tootsie Roll is the kind of pony you can let babysit all day, she will teach them confidence and she will just keep winning hearts over. She has a great handle on her and will guide around in one hand, has a nice stop, backs up and will step her front around for a pivot both ways. Tootsie is comfortable and smooth to ride and completely uncomplicated! She is a trail boss and will go up and down steep grades, through water, mud and brush and over and rough terrain with confidence. She is good to ride out alone or in a group, she doesn’t mine taking the lead or bringing up the rear. Tootsie is just as nice in the arena as she is on the trail, she takes both leads has smooth transitions and lets you do absolutely anything to her. She will trot poles and she is a cute and brave jumper! She will drag a sled, carry a flag, let us bounce a ball off her and more. She has the most quiet mind and gentle soul she really would make the best confidence booster to a little timid youth rider, and is very suitable for a lesson program or could easily make a lovely therapeutic pony. She is great in a stall, easy to catch and polite in turnout with mixed herd etc. Tootsie is good on cross ties or single tie, patient to groom and tack up and stands like a statue in the wash rack. Great manners on ground for anyone handling her and lovely to work on for vet and farrier. She loads up into any style trailer and hauls like a dream. She requires no prep when hauled to new places to ride, no lunging no riding down- just saddle up get on and go. She sells without vices or limitations. Watch her video to see just how safe and reliable this unicorn of a pony is! Contact Ben Hall 814-979-2046 with any questions. Located in Everett, PA.
Place your bid at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
Auction ends October 30th 
$3500 Starting bid


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