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Steel 4 yr. old 15.1hh Quarter Horse Grey Gelding

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Das American Quarter Horse, auch Quarter Horse genannt, stammt ursprünglich aus den USA und ist die meist verbreitete Pferderasse der Welt. Es gibt weltweit ungefähr 4,6 Millionen registrierte Quarter Horses. Die Rasse entstand im 17. Jahrhundert, als reiche Plantagenbesitzer aus Virginia und Caroli ... Mehr zur Pferderasse American Quarter Horse
6 Jahre
155 cm
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CONSIGNOR CONTACT: Diamante Equestrian LLC 401-486-8784
LOCATION: Allentown, NJ
BREED: Quarter Horse
HEIGHT: 15.1
AGE: 4
GENDER: Gelding

Meet Steel a drop-dead gorgeous steel grey grade Quarter Horse gelding. This horse has a gorgeous, refined head, kind eyes, perfect confirmation and a color that makes you go wow! Standing 15.1 hands and built stout. This gelding is only 4 years old but acts and rides twice his age. He was started off with some reining training and for the past year he has been trail ridden by a gentleman in his late 70’s. Steel is safe, quiet, and consistent. He rides with a level head and never raises his head above the saddle horn. He is soft in the bridle, neck reins, stands for mounting, backs, has perfect transitions and knows his leads. If you want a smooth ride, Steel is it. This is one of the smoothest Quarter Horses you’ll ever sit on. He has a nice slow jog and slow lope. He will lope in a teacup if asked. Great brakes and rides in a snaffle bit. This gelding was always ridden western until coming here but we got him here and threw him in English tack. He took to it instantly and goes English wonderfully. He is a super cute mover. We also asked him to jump, and he did it. You can see him jumping in the video. Keep in mind that’s his first time ever jumping in his life! Took to it right away and never hesitated. He can only get better at jumping from here if that’s the direction you want to go in. Steel rides around the arena perfectly and stays on the rail. You can ride him on the buckle, and he will not speed up or get quick. I can safely say that yes at just 4 years old I would consider this gelding beginner safe. A more experienced rider can also enjoy him and have a lot of fun with him. He has a lot of training for just 4 years old and knows more than some horses in their teens. This gelding has his whole life ahead of him and can honestly go do anything. He’ll make anyone a nice mount for many years. He could go work in a lesson program, be a family horse or go clean house at a horse show. Steel is an excellent trail horse and has been extensively trail ridden in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. He is sure footed and has seen some rocky/mountainous terrain. He’ll trail ride alone and with others. Not buddy or barn sour at all and he is completely road, car, and traffic safe. He’s the kind of horse you can trail ride and drink a beer or answer your phone. Definitely stress free and will take care of you. Steel is up to date and 100% sound in every way. He has perfect confirmation and does not have a mark, lump, or bump on him anywhere. No vices whatsoever and a very easy keeper that has excellent barn and pasture manners. No supplements and no maintenance whatsoever. If you’re in the market for a really nice young gelding with an old mind don’t pass Steel by because it’s hard to find the whole package and if you ask me he is it. Located in Allentown NJ 08501. Be sure to check out his very extensive video.
Allentown, NJ


Needmore, PA 17238
Homepage: horsebidllc

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